Friday, September 10, 2010

Whew.....crafting frenzy begins

I found out yesterday that I will be able to have a booth at a festival on the 18th of September. I've quite a bit to do to prepare for it ! I haven't done a craft booth in 5 years or so. I never had any luck with them, whether it was selling crafts, hand stamped items or trying to find new customers. The only thing that ever happened, lots of people were already stampers and wanted to know how I made certain things. The one item that I always received lots of questions about (and I sold THREE of, no kidding, just three at a craft fair for $5 each complete with a matching gift box, tissue paper, tag and ribbon!) were my stamped and painted ornaments. I don't have a blog post yet for them, but a few can be seen here:
Flaky Friends - my first
Home For Christmas - most recent
Classic Convertibles
Let It Snow- snowman
Fun Faces Snowman

I've never been to this particular festival so I am not sure what to expect. It is in a very small town, but the space is free so I think it will be worth my while to pack up a bunch of my leftovers and try to get rid of them. I have several items I've bought to "repurpose" for use in classes and I also have several samples I could part with. I just want the stuff gone so it will be going for what I paid for it, not going to add on any costs for my time , etc. They wouldn't sell anyway. I kid you not, the five times I've ever done a booth, nothing was priced over $5 and I would maybe sell $10 worth of stuff, no joke. Our area is saturated with dollar stores and stampin' demonstrators so no one buys that sort of thing. They are of the mindset " I could make that myself" or " I could go buy a notepad/cards at the dollar store".

Regardless, I will try it once more. I sure hope it doesn't rain !

Today I opened two of my totes to see what needed to be completed.

I made four photo clip frame thingys today and sorted through some card samples:

I bought these photo clips for $1 each. I added all of the ribbon and card stock pieces. The flowers and heart are removable - and have a magnet on the back.
Stamp images, card stock, inks and punches from Stampin' Up!; ribbons are from my craft stash.

Yesterday I made several bath item tins:

I made 8 sets of these. I bought all of the bath items for 50c each on clearance, the tins were $1. It was originally going to be for a class I was asked to present, then no one came ! Ugh........ All stamp images, inks and card stock are from Stampin' Up!  The ribbon is old paper twist ribbon from my stash.

I forget how long it takes to make something, especially when I want them each to be different. All of the walking around my craft table to get different things, etc. . The area is as organized as it will ever be, but it is a pain: card stock over there in one of six file cabinet drawers, inks up high on the opposite side of my table in a CD tower,  stamps in numerous storage drawers, doo dads are back on the other side in several drawers, ribbon opposite that in storage bins stacked on each other on a shelf and so on........ all of it is stored around a large 4 foot x 6 foot table. It's good exercise I suppose ! And I do enjoy being crafty, especially on dreary days like it was today  =)

Thanks for looking !


  1. Your stuff is so cute, I don't know why you don't have better luck selling. At least you should have an Etsy page or something.

    When I followed the links I couldn't look at the ornament pictures, it said I didn't have permission?

  2. Good luck with your craft fair! I love the projects you've shown here!

  3. These are all cute projects, especially like your ornaments! But I am with you on those craft fairs, it is hard to sell anything!! I hope you can clean up your craft room by unloading a few of your easy to part with projects. Good luck!! Even if no one buys it, you can be praised for your creativity.

  4. Heather,

    Your ornaments are gorgeous. Good luck at the fair! You never know what is going to catch someone's eye.

  5. Steph~
    I think you might need to be a registered member to the site to see items in the gallery now. Sorry about the links not working you....

  6. Heather, I just love your projects ~ whether they are cards or altered arts etc. They are so original in color and creativity. And most of all, I love reading your posts. They are so original and without any pomp. I have just become your follower and Will be coming back to view more :)
    Love and Hugs


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